November Recap and December Goals

Hey everyone!

One thing that I’ll try to do moving forward, is to write a post that summarized everything I talked about that month. It will help me remember certain experiences I had that month, as well as bring my new followers up to speed. And speaking of followers, I want to thank everyone for helping me reach my follower goal for this year. So with that said, here are the posts I wrote in November:

My Attempt At Veganism

In September and October, I attempted to adapt a “close to vegan” diet. I wasn’t a strict vegan; I did eat one piece of fish each week for certain nutrients. I was able to see the difference in my eating habits pre-vegan and during my vegan diet and found out I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. Even though my post said I wouldn’t adopt the diet/lifestyle permanently, I’m thinking about starting back again in January.

Sermon Notes: Look Up

It had been a while from the last time I wrote a Sermon Notes post…actually it had been four months. Most of the time I write about something that resonated with me from Sunday’s sermon, and other times it stems from inspirational moments in my life. In this post, I talk about how easy it is to not be mentally present in our daily lives. However, when we look up and look around us, we can see the beauty in this world.

I Moved Back

In June 2017, I moved into my first apartment. At the time, I thought I was financially prepared for this new venture. However, I learned really quick that living on my own was not a cake walk. I was constantly stressed about paying my rent, paying my bills and student loan, saving for the future, and eating. At the end of my lease, I decided to move back with my parents (so grateful for them). My goals are to continue to put money in my savings and to pay off my student loan debt in 2019. I’m doing that by continuing the lessons I learned while living alone and creating side hustles like my Etsy Shop.

Sweet Potato Hash

Speaking of moving,  I knew that my creativity in the kitchen might slow down once I moved back with my parents. But then I had a dream about cooking polenta, which was probably inspired by binge-watching “The Final Table” on Netflix. To accompany the polenta, I decided to also make a sweet potato hash using unused potatoes from Thanksgiving. The result? Delicious. Even my sister, who doesn’t like sweet/savory food combinations, also enjoyed it. So save a little money this weekend and try my sweet potato hash at your home for brunch. 

December Goals

  • Pay $1000 towards my student loan
  • Workout 3x/week
  • Finish reading the book of Galatians (Bible)
  • Drink 64 ounces of water everyday
  • Finish listening to “Becoming” by Michelle Obama and finish reading “If Beale Street Could Talk” by James Baldwin.

Thanks for reading my post everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading this November recap post. What are your goals for December?


Britt ♥

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