Etsy Shop Page

Hey everyone!

My Etsy shop is up and running now. I currently sell 3 main colors of cash envelopes (pink, purple, and blue), as well 1 special set which changes whenever the last special set is bought. Additionally, I am creating new themes for children and the holidays. As I create new themes, I will update this page with the pictures of them. You can always like/favorite my Etsy shop to stay current with new themes and sales. And if you want something different from my current colors, just message me and I will see if I have what you want in my inventory.

Finally, if you’re wondering what a cash envelope is and why you should have them, check out my post here. If you have any questions about cash envelopes or how I use them, please comment below. I would also love to hear how you use cash envelopes to help you reach your financial goal. Thanks for reading.