Hello everyone to My Attempt at Adulting, a place for me to share the lessons I have learned along the way on my journey to adulthood.

One of my favorite things to do, now that I have a steady and reliable income, is to travel. I have a new found love of theatre and will travel (almost) anywhere to see it. And what better city to watch a diverse selection of shows than the Big Apple itself? I will share my favorite way to visit New York, how to score discount Broadway tickets, and how to get around the city. I’m also taking it international! I will share how I was able to stay over a week in a European country for $1000.

Another favorite of mine is food. And now that I am trying my hand at adulting, I should actually start to learn to cook for myself. I will share with you recipes that I make, recipes that will make Giada herself proud. But food is not the only way to stay healthy, I will keep you updated on activities that switch up the mundane routine of running on the treadmill.

Since college, I have been on a journey to building a better relationship with God. Here I will share what I have learned from life, sermons, devotionals, others, and God Himself. I hope that my journey will also inspire you to grow closer to God as well.

Finally, I will have a whole section on Adulting Shenanigans…although I am not sure what this will entail right now. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog and share it with your friends.



Britt ♥