Thought of the Day

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it’s already December? I’m so excited by all of the things that next year will bring, but I really want time to slow down a bit.

I wanted to share a thought with you all today that will hopefully help motivate you to continue growing in life. Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine at church that moved to another city. She was in town visiting family and it was really great to catch up with her for a couple of moments. On the way home, I kept thinking how great it was to see her.

At that moment, God revealed to me that her obedience helped my obedience. Ok, here’s the backstory. A couple of years ago, God told me to start a small group. I said, “sure,” but then backed out of it a few times. I didn’t think I was equipped to lead a small group; I was an introvert, I didn’t have a lot of leadership skills, and I definitely didn’t know everything about the Bible. However, I obeyed Him and started the small group. There were a few women that signed up, but in the end, there was only one woman that stayed throughout the semester. And her faith and dedication helped me to continue the group, to where now there are six to eight women that show up to small group each week.

So if there is something that God is telling you to do, do it. If there has been something on your heart for a while, then don’t delay doing it any longer. However, just ensure that your heart is aligned with God; “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21)”. You don’t want to do something based solely on your emotions/feelings or based solely on logic, you want a good mix of both. Just know that your actions can affect others. If you never write the book or lead the small group or speak to that person, it can delay them being obedient in an area of their life.

I hope that makes sense. Think about those dreams and goals of yours, and just do it! It may be easier said than done, but remember that your actions can help others take their next steps as well.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Britt ♥

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