Tried and true birthday freebie list

Hey everyone!

As promised, I am going to share with you a list of some of my favorite places to get freebies from, for my birthday. There’s definitely more places that you can get either free items or a coupon, but here are places that I have tested out for you.

Before I get into the list, I do want to give you some tips. My first tip is to create an email address dedicated to birthday freebies. This keeps all of your coupons in one place, and you don’t have to go sifting through your regular email address for the deals. My second tip is to plan your freebie pickups, geographically. You don’t want to spend all of your money collecting your birthday freebies. Finally, my last tip would be to spread out collecting your freebies over a couple of days. Trust me, it’s hard trying to collect them all on one day.

Freebies I Collected This Week

  • IHOP: gives you a free stack of pancakes. You get 4 pancakes in any style. I literally get this every year for my birthday.
  • Starbucks: allows you to choose any sized drink. Go crazy…just don’t get a Venti Caramel Frappuccino (you’ll thank me later).
  • Auntie Anne’s: gives you a free (un)salted pretzel. If you like to eat your pretzels with any of their dipping sauces, that will be extra.
  • Sephora: allows you to choose between two birthday gifts. If you have reached the VIB or Rouge membership, you can choose between a gift or 250 points for your birthday.
  • Dickies Barbecue Pit: gives you a free pulled pork sandwich. They also have free ice cream for everyone, everyday.

Freebies I Haven’t Collected Yet

  • Cinnabon: gives you a 4-pack of their MiniBons. Make sure that the coupon has an expiration date, your name, and a barcode, otherwise they won’t let you get your MiniBons.
  • Baskin Robins: gives you a free kids scoop (2.5 oz) or a 3 oz. swirl of soft serve ice cream for your birthday.
  • Jersey Mikes: gives you a regular sub and fountain drink.
  • Corner Bakery Cafe: lets you choose a bakery gift for your birthday. My favorite is their mini chocolate bundt cake.
  • Wingstop: gives you free LARGE fresh-cut seasoned fries (no purchase necessary).
  • Chick-fil-A: gives you a free cookie, just look in the app to redeem it.
  • BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse: gives you a free Pizookie with ice cream. It’s basically a pie-shaped cookie; the money bread pizookie is soooo good.

Freebies I’m Not Going to Collect This Year

  • Joe’s Crab Shack: gives you a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees.
  • Bare Minerals: allows you to choose a free full-sized loose eyeshadow. You can redeem it in the store or online with your next order.

Other Freebies

  • Ulta: gives you free makeup and/or points for your birthday. I don’t shop here, but this is what I’ve been told by friends.
  • Red Robin: gives you a free burger during your birthday month.
  • The Melting Pot: gives you a complimentary box of six of their signature chocolate-covered strawberries…but only when you make a reservation to eat there.
  • Au Bon Pair: gives you a free any size hot coffee/tea (or 24 oz iced medium beverage or 16 oz. medium specialty beverage) and a free bakery item.
  • Firehouse Subs: gives you a free medium sub sandwich.
  • Panera: gives you a free pastry.
  • Potbelly: allows you to choose between a free oatmeal chocolate chip, sugar, or chocolate brownie cookie.
  • Krispy Kreme: gives you a free beverage for your birthday.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: gives you a free any-sized beverage during your birthday month.


  • Urban Decay: gives you 15% off your next purchase.
  • World Market: gives you 15% off your purchase.
  • Cold Stone: gives you 50% off one ice cream after the purchase of another ice cream.
  • Medical Massage Clinic: gives you $10 off a message during your birthday month.
  • American Eagle: gives you 15% off your purchase at American Eagle or Aerie.

Since some of the free food that you can get are from sit-down restaurants (i.e. IHOP), don’t forget to bring some extra money to tip your waiter/waitress. Other than that, have fun collecting all of your freebies and coupons.

Did I miss a restaurant or store that you get birthday freebies from every year? Comment below so I (and others) can sign up for those freebies! Thanks for reading!


Britt ♥

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