Growth: My Word for 2019

Hey everyone!

It’s that time again, the time to choose your word for the new year. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain. Ever since I’ve been going to my current church, our pastor has continued to encourage us to think of a word/phrase for the upcoming year. The thought is that the word will act as an inspiration for us to strive to be or strive to do something. You can check out my word for this year here and my mid-year post on my progress, here.

This year, I decided, almost without much contemplation, that my word for 2019 would be grow or growth. I have been mostly intentional about accomplishing some things this year, like writing more consistently on my blog and embodying healthier habits. Yet, I want more out of life. I’m nearing my late-20s and I find myself wanting to move towards more in life.

I figured that if I’m not growing, I’m remaining stagnant…and that’s the last thing I want to do in life. Next year, I want to grow in all areas of my life. Here are a couple of my growth goals:

  • Financial: Pay off my student loan. Once I do that, I will have more flexibility to save more and start investing.
  • Spiritual: I want to continue to increase my faith and make more time for quiet time with God.
  • Mental: Believing truths over lies about my life. Stress and anxiety in 2019…thank u, next.
  • Personal: Being more confident in who I am and what I know. I also want to grow by maintaining healthy eating habits and an exercise routine.
  • Relational: Shedding my introverted shell (every now and then) to create and maintain relationships. 
  • Professional: Learning Spanish (and Catalan) and SPSS to make myself more marketable for new opportunities.

At this time I’m still developing these goals, their actions steps, and their measurement for success. However, I’m very excited to start 2019 and see all that God has in store for me. Have you started thinking about your word for next year? If so, comment below. And share this post with your friends and family so they can start thinking about their word as well. Thanks for reading!


Britt ♥

4 thoughts on “Growth: My Word for 2019

  1. That’s a great idea! I think growth is a lofty goal. I know I’ve been thinking and learning a lot about discipleship lately and how our faith isn’t too remain stagnant, but there’s a difference between learning about that and actually doing it. Growth is a perfect way to describe what should be the goal of every Christian.

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    1. Well said, I totally agree. It’s good to want to grow, but we have to actually take the steps to grow. Or else we will just be wishing for things to happen and not seeing any results, year after year.

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