My Attempt at Monthly Grocery Hauls

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

For July, I decided to buy all of my groceries for the month in one trip. As I mentioned before, since I moved into my own apartment, I had been purchasing groceries bi-weekly. However, when I started tracking my expenses and purchases in June, I realized I was spending so much money bi-weekly on groceries. So last month was the first time I attempted to purchase all of the food and household items I needed for the month in one trip.

Before I tell you about my experience, make sure to click this link and watch my monthly grocery haul on YouTube for last month. For my first video, it’s not bad, but I’ve bought a couple of things to enhance the quality of my next videos. Now let’s get into this…

I went to two stores for my grocery haul: BJ’s for bulk items and Giant for everything else. By shopping for items that were on sale and using a few coupons, I was able to save over $60! With my list in hand, it only took me a couple of hours (including commuting to/from) to buy everything that I needed.

I know you’re probably asking if the groceries lasted the entire month. The answer is yes! I ate all of my fresh produce towards the beginning of the month and then used the frozen veggies for the last two weeks. I didn’t eat the same meals every day, I was able to get really creative when meal prepping. I’m actually glad that I started shopping at a wholesale store because it allowed me to stock up on items that will last beyond one month. For example, I was able to purchase six Brita water filters; now I won’t have to buy any filters for months. Additionally, I was able to buy some items in large quantities (such as bacon and eggs) where I used part of it and then froze the rest.

Overall, doing a monthly grocery has allowed me to save time and money. I was able to free up an extra weekend I would have normally used to purchase groceries, and I saved money by not shopping twice a month. This month will be even more challenging because I’ll be doing the same thing but with a $100 cash budget. I will be purchasing my produce from my local farmer’s market, purchasing bulk items (ex: brown rice, legumes, spices) from Mom’s Organic Market, and the rest of my groceries will be purchased from Giant.

Well, that was my experience. Do you purchase groceries monthly? If so, comment below with your experience and any tips for the rest of us. If you’re thinking about trying monthly grocery hauls, comment below with any questions. As always, thanks for reading! Make sure to like/comment/subscribe and share with others.


Britt ♥

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