Beyond Surviving: How I’m Trying to Save Money

Happy Saturday everyone!

Last month I wrote about a huge milestone I made in my life…living on my own for one year (check it out here). And while I am truly grateful to have survived on my own (well not entirely on my own), I want to do more than survive. So now I am trying to learn how to pay off my student loans, and also how to start saving money for my future.

Through research on YouTube videos, blogs, and in financial books, I have created a strategy to achieve financial freedom and security. And I want to share my strategy with you so that you can also achieve your financial goals. Before you can start this journey, you will need to mentally prepare yourself. You will have to make short-term sacrifices, which will be really challenging, but don’t give up!

Monthly Grocery Hauls

Up until this point, I shopped on a bi-weekly basis. For the most part, it worked for me, but now I realize that I was spending almost $100 on each shopping trip. Although I was stocking up on my household staples, I was spending way too much money each month for a one-person household. So beginning this month, I will shop once a month with a budget of $170.00, which should be plenty. In order to make the most of monthly grocery budget, I will purchase some items in bulk at BJ’s, my produce and smaller items at Giant, and make what I can at home (like yogurt and granola/cereal).

Cash Envelope System

While not a new concept, the cash envelope system encourages self-discipline and planning. By planning in advance the meals I will eat each month, I won’t really need excess cash. However, I acknowledge that there will be days that I won’t feel like cooking, want to hang out with friends or want to indulge a little. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate $40 in cash for fast food and miscellaneous items like supplies for my bujo. And using the cash envelope system will help me live below my means and not be tempted to buy something every time Williams Sonoma or Michaels has a sale.

Create Other Sources of Income

As I mentioned earlier, I have been able to survive on my annual salary income this last year, but I haven’t been able to save as much as I would have liked. Many of the blogs and YouTube videos that I watched on paying off debts, suggested finding other sources of income. One way that I plan on earning extra income is by working overtime at my full-time job. The excess money that I will earn will be put towards my student loan. Additionally, I plan to write consistently on my blog to grow my following and become eligible to participate in affiliate programs. Finally,  I hope to start my YouTube channel very soon as an extension of my blog.

By saving and earning passive (and sometimes active) income, I will be closer to achieving my goal of financial freedom. I want to hear from you, what are some ways you have been able to pay off debt? Comment below to help me and others who read this post, incorporate new tactics to become debt-free. Also, make sure to like this post and subscribe to my blog to stay updated on all things budget living. Thanks for reading!


Britt ♥


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