San Antonio in 72 Hours

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Summer is here and that means travel season. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great vacation. And taking a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean traveling overseas for a couple of weeks…traveling can mean taking a weekend trip somewhere. If you’re looking to visit a city for the weekend, then look no further than San Antonio, Texas. Here are some ideas — based on my recent trip there — to help you experience the most in 72 hours.

Day 1 –

Enjoy the complimentary breakfast at your hotel (if they have it) to save some money. When everyone is full, grab your sunscreen/hats/water bottles and head out to the first activity of your trip!

I have heard that when visiting a city for the first time, you should tour the city. Now I’m not a big fan of doing touristy things, but this is a great way to see what the city has to offer. If you take a regular city tour, they will show you local landmarks and neighborhoods. And if you take a food tour, they will show you delicious and affordable local restaurants. I remember taking a food tour my first full day in Barcelona, and it allowed me to experience some of the Catalonia culture.

IMG_9111                       IMG_9110

For lunch, find the nearest Whataburger restaurant; it’s always fun to try foods from regional chain restaurants. Once everyone is full, walk around a little and then head back to your hotel. For dinner, you can either eat at a nearby restaurant or eat food that you bought from the grocery store.

Day 2 –


On day two, it’s time to brunch. My favorite brunch spot in San Antonio was called La Panaderia. The name means bakery in spanish, and boy do they have amazingly delicious pastries and breads. For less than $10, you can get El Buenos Días. This sandwich has avocados, egg whites, turkey, tomato, mayo and lettuce. It is a complete and healthy breakfast sandwich to get you through the day. Even better, it is large enough to share or save to finish later in the day. They also have a self-service bakery section that offers everything from strawberry tarts to chocolate pastries and more. You can splurge a little here…after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Once everyone is finished, travel to the RivIMG_8850er Walk downtown. Lined on both sides of the River Walk are restaurants with outside dining, as well stores. Take a stroll along the river or hop onto one of the riverboats to hear the history of the area. If you love to shop local, definitely check out the stores in La Villita…the best part is that it is on the River Walk.

By now you have been in San Antonio for over 24 hours and have not ate any Tex-Mex. For an affordable meal, check out Rocky’s Taco House on Cupples Road. They are a local family restaurant, open 24 hours, serving good food. It may be tempting to order your food and head back to the hotel, but enjoy your food in the restaurant. This is your chance to interact with the local residents and discover other places to visit during your trip.

Dinner is up to you, but after all of those tacos, I’m not sure how much more food you can eat today.

Day 3-

On your final day, enjoy the complimentary breakfast at your hotel. Then it is time to explore even more of the city. San Antonio, like many other cities, offers bicycle rentals. You can download their app to find the closest bike station close to you, then hop on and explore.


While you’re are out exploring, make your way over to the Alamo. The Alamo is one of the famous missions in San Antonio, with a rich and interesting history dating all the way back to 1718. Whether you’re a history buff, frugal (it’s free!), or a family with children, there is something for everyone at The Alamo.

Grab something light for lunch. After being outside for hours, head back to the hotel to shower and take a quick nap.

IMG_9155   IMG_9153

It’s dinnertime. On the tour (from day one) you remember your tour guide talked about a neighborhood called The Pearl. The shops in this hipster neighborhood close early, so get there before 5p. Soak in the beautiful weather as you wait for your reservation. I recommend going to Southerleigh Fine Food and Bistro. The food is on the $$ side, but it is totally worth it for your last night in San Antonio. If you don’t know what to get, I recommend trying their pork chop with wild rice. After dinner, linger around The Pearl a little, before heading back to the hotel to pack.

You did it! You spent 72 hours in a new city. Not only did enjoy yourself, but you enjoyed yourself while sticking to your budget. And now that you are an expert weekend traveler, it’s time to start planning your next trip.

Going on vacation can be very exciting, but planning it can also be very stressful. For my trip, I used my bujo to ensure I didn’t forget anything. As you can see below, I noted the weather for my trip, important dates/times, reservation numbers, restaurants, places to visit and my packing list. Make life simpler by keeping everything together in one place.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe/share/like/comment. For my trip, I used Instagram to research places to visit and eat. Some of the people I followed for the latest and greatest in San Antonio were: @s.a.foodie @stine.eats @bestfoodsanantonio and @sanantoniostephanie. If you have any questions or are looking for more suggestions, feel free to comment below. Thanks again for reading.


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