No Spend Challenge!

Hey everyone!

As a blogger that shares how to live your best life on a budget, I decided to try something I’ve been seeing on the internet. Have you heard of the “No Spend Challenge”? It’s basically what it sounds like, no unnecessary spending.

I will be doing the No Spend Challenge for 14 days, and I want to invite you to join in with me. Starting Monday (5/21/2018), we will resist the urge to purchase non-essential items. This will look different for each person and family; essential items include bills, gas, and groceries.

Here are the rules:

  1. You cannot buy any non-essential item (and no, coffee is not essential)
  2. You cannot use gift cards (that is still spending money)


That’s it! Just two rules. Feel free to document each day, what you wanted to buy, etc. At the end of the challenge, comment below so that I can feature your journey on this post. My goal is to encourage all of us to be cognizant of how we spend our money. We all have dreams, from buying a new house to paying off student loans to saving up for a vacation. If we take actions – like this challenge – to recognize our spending habits, we can then direct excess spending to other areas of our budgets.


If you’re ready to take the 14-day No Spend Challenge, like this post then follow my Instagram page (my_attempt_at_adulting). On my Instagram, I will be giving daily updates on my journey and encourage you on your journey.


Britt ♥


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