Sermon Notes: Where Did the Time Go?

Hey everyone!

I thought I would post another installment of the Sermon Notes Series for you all. This past Sunday, the First Lady of our church spoke on how we can make room in different areas of our lives. The point that spoke to me the most was when she said we must use our time wisely.

Lately, I’ve been wishing there were more hours in my day. I seem to have more tasks to do at work than time actually at work. And when I return home, I have less than four hours to cook/eat, write, read, relax, and get ready for the next day. The anxiety and stress of not having enough time, either makes me work longer hours or be completely lazy after work. And I know I am not the only person experiencing this right now.

This week, I was talking to a friend about something related to time. He suggested that I should fast to help clear my mind of distractions. If you haven’t heard of fasting before, it is taking a break from something like social media or junk food. Or as my Pastor says, it is sacrificing something for something you want even more. While I realize I cannot add any more hours to my day, I can be intentional about how I use my time. For now, I am fasting from television and movies. So when I come home, I will resist sitting in front of the television while I eat dinner or staying up late watching the Golden Girls. Instead, I will use my evenings for writing new blog posts, reading, or finally getting serious about learning ASL.


One way that I can keep myself accountable is by using my bujo. If you didn’t read my post about bullet journaling (bujo), check it out here. Many people that use a bujo create a monthly or daily habit tracker. You can choose which habits you want to track. If you view my habit tracker for this month, I am focusing on: drinking more water, exercising, reading, spending time with God, taking my vitamins, and writing. Just color in the box for each day you complete each habit/activity. By coloring in the boxes, you can see what areas you are excelling in and what areas you need to work harder.

Whatever method you use for making the most of your time, be intentional. Find time to relax, but remember that our time on Earth is precious. Invest in your health and invest in your dreams by using your time wisely.

If you would like to watch the entire sermon, click here. Also, if you have any questions about how I track my habits, comment below. And let me know if you have found another way to balance relaxing and investing in your future. As always, if you have enjoyed this post, please like/comment/share/subscribe. Thanks for reading!


Britt ♥

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