Sermon Series: Hope in Resurrection

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday surrounded by family and friends. I would be remiss not to post something inspirational and insightful on this day. As the title of my blog states, I am hoping to discover the truths and realities of adulthood, during this period of my life. One aspect of life that is formed during this period (but certainly throughout all ages as well) is that of faith. We all form an idea of whether we believe in God, or a higher power(s), or believe humans are the only beings that exist.

Although I grew up in church, I didn’t start to come into my own relationship with God until after college. Through small struggles and difficulties in my life, I began to rely on and trust in God. Even today, I have come to partly understand why certain people and situations come and go in my life. And while I am no Christian scholar or super-Christian, I am still trying to deepen my relationship with God. So, I want to use this time and this space to tell you a portion of what God has done for you.

What is Easter?

Today, we celebrate Easter. Unfortunately, Easter has become commercialized as equating to bunnies, eggs, and chocolate. While those things are not bad, they are not the true reason of Easter. Jesus came down from Heaven with the main goal of saving all of humanity. Throughout His life on Earth, He healed and saved many people. Towards the end of His life, He was brutally beaten, hung on a wooden cross, pierced, and left to die. He did nothing to deserve this death but took it on to save us from ourselves.

However, the story does not end there. On Sunday, three days after His death, He rose from the dead with all power. This summer, I started to read the book of Matthew and did some research about what was discussed in the book. To be brief, it stated that when Jesus died, the veil in the Temple was torn from top to bottom. The veil separated the Holy of Holies (where God dwelled) from the people, and only the priests could sometimes enter into His presence. When the veil was torn, Jesus gave us the freedom to be able to communicate with Him anytime we needed Him.

During the Old Testament, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments that everyone should follow. If a commandment wasn’t followed, they were supposed to offer a sacrifice to God as atonement. Jesus was supposed to be the last sacrifice for our sins so that we would no longer have to do it when we fell short. Even more, God saw that following strict rules was not giving Him the results He desired…which was a relationship. Jesus’ selfless act of dying on the cross has given us the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. This is what I love about Easter, being forgiven for my many mistakes and having the opportunity to have a relationship with God.


As I mentioned, I am no super-Christian, I am still learning and growing as I go along in this life. I hope that this post made you see how much God loves you, and continues to love you. He wants the best for you and will do anything for you to have a relationship with Him (as was evident by His death). Whatever you are dealing with, give it to Him, for He is strong enough to carry the load. If there are questions that you have about the life of Jesus, having a relationship with God, or where to find some of these passages in the Bible, please comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, make sure to subscribe (if you haven’t already), and share with your friends. Happy Easter!


Britt ♥





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