Kindle Paperwhite Review

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I thought it was a great time to do this review since I shared a budget-friendly activity in my last post. If you missed it, check it out here. If you are anything like me, you prefer to feel the pages of a book while reading. You also get excited when people come over and you can show them your book collection. And you even buy way too many books at Barnes and Noble in one trip, than you have time to read. However, there are some disadvantages of only reading paperback and/or hardcover books.


1. Easy Portability

The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader I have is only 6 inches. It is small enough to fit into purses, bookbags, and other such bags. In saying that, reading becomes more feasible when it comes to traveling, commuting, waiting while running errands, etc. This is particularly important if you are the type of person that likes to read larger or thicker books.

2. Backlight for Reading in the Dark

This by far is my favorite aspect of the Kindle Paperwhite. During the winter months of Daylight Savings Time, I would commute to work while it was still dark, making it impossible to read the words on the pages of my book. With the Kindle, the backlight illuminates the screen so that I can read in the dark commuting to work or laying in my bed. Additionally, the backlight is not the same type of light found on your phone or computer screen, giving your eyes a break from the bright lights.

3. Lightweight

The Kindle Paperwhite weighs less than 6 ounces. In doing a simple weighing with my hands, it was lighter than my thickest book and slightly heavier than my skinniest book. When it comes to reading on the go, not only is it important that a book is portable but that it doesn’t weigh down your bag. Also, for my fellow readers who like to carry multiple books at a time, the Kindle Paperwhite gives you that option as well.

4. Long-lasting Battery

I was quite surprised how long I was able to read from my Kindle before needing to charge it again. I read: Thirteen Reasons Why, Solo (Blink), Modern Romance, and Behold the Dreamers, in a matter of weeks, before the battery was at less than 10 percent. So read all you want, it won’t die on you anytime soon.



I only have one negative thought about the Kindle Paperwhite, and it has nothing to do with the functionality of the e-reader. The Kindle is not a book, there are no pages for you to feel or place a make-shift bookmark in them. However, the pros vastly outweigh the cons for me continue to use it.


IMG_8558          IMG_8559

Although in the short-term the Kindle Paperwhite may be expensive (between $80-$250), in the long-term you can save even more money. A co-worker told me that you can download books for FREE through your local library. I did this with the above-mentioned books, which saved me around $45. I found the books I wanted to read from my library’s website, then I downloaded it directly to my Kindle with Amazon (no need to transfer the data through a USB cord), and then began reading. With e-books loaned from the library, you never have to worry about a late fee; the book is automatically removed from your device once the time period ends.


Thanks everyone for reading my post. I hope that you will give the Kindle Paperwhite a chance so that you can reach your reading goals for the year. Another plus of the e-reader is that you can read a book without buying it first. The books that I do end up liking, I will definitely buy them for my bookshelf collection. Thanks again for reading, and make sure to support me by subscribing/liking/commenting/sharing my blog.


Britt ♥





2 thoughts on “Kindle Paperwhite Review

  1. I use my tablet to read ebooks, but still feel like it doesn’t compare to the real thing. Besides the pro points you made, I’d add the environmental perspective – it makes more sense to use an ebook reader rather than printed books, but somehow I still preffer them.


    1. I totally agree with you, an e-reader cannot replace a real book. I didn’t think about the environmental perspective, that’s a good point. Thanks for great comment. Also, if you have any good book suggestions, let me know.

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