Food Hack #1

Hey Everyone!


I love to buy rotisserie chickens from Costco, they taste great and I can eat them for a couple of days. I normally eat the legs with a Caesar salad and then struggle to finish the rest. Last night, I found myself in that situation. I had most of the rotisserie chicken left and did not know what to do with it. Have you found yourself in this situation as well?

I tapped into my inner Chopped chef and thought about all the dishes I could make with chicken. I looked into my fridge and Yahtzee! I knew what I was going to make…chicken fried rice. It’s a super simple dish with few required ingredients. And since the chicken is already cooked, it doesn’t take long to start eating.

Since the rice will take the longest (15 or so minutes on the stove), I cooked that first. After the rice was cooked, I chopped up green onions and some of the rotisserie chicken. I minced up some garlic, then grabbed two eggs and butter out of the fridge. In a medium-sized pan, I scrambled the two eggs in a little bit of butter and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Once that was cooked, I put it aside in a bowl. Note: don’t overcook the eggs as they will be placed back into the pan later.

In the same pan, add butter, garlic, and green onions. Once they were somewhat transparent, I added the chicken, rice, and scrambled eggs. I then added about two tablespoons of Dale’s steak seasoning (which can be found at Walmart). Season with salt and pepper to taste. You can remove the pan off of the stove when the chicken is reheated.


The end result was incredible. In less than 30 minutes, I had dinner on the table. I will definitely make this again next time I buy a rotisserie chicken. My father was the inspiration behind this dish, as he has made this before for the family. Normally, if I am still unable to eat the whole chicken, I will cut it up and freeze it. In the past, I took the thawed chicken, heated it up in a pan with a sauce (ex: teriyaki, mumbo) and ate it with rice and vegetables.

If you have created a food hack with rotisserie chicken, please comment below. And if I try your food hack, I will put it on my next food hack blog post.

Thanks for reading.


Britt ♥

2 thoughts on “Food Hack #1

  1. Good looking dish. Nice touch with the Dale’s, given it’s nothing more than seasoned soy sauce. Proud of you Missy! Also note leftover steak is also good for Fried rice dishes

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