Eating at the Nats Park

I have been wanting to go to a baseball game all summer. Although I prefer to watch football (is it football season yet?), there is just something so classic about baseball games.

Last Saturday, I went to watch the Rockies take on the Nats with my dad. I have learned a little about baseball over the past couple of years, but would not be able to explain the game to someone else. For me, baseball games are all about: enjoying the weather, enjoying friends and family, and food. I read an article in the Washingtonian, of the new foods and drinks to try at the Nationals Park. So when my dad invited me to the game, I jumped at the opportunity…to try the new foods.

Trying to save ourselves the headache of sitting in traffic and looking for affordable parking near the stadium, we decided to take the metro. We could tell that others had the same idea too because, at one station, all we saw was a sea of red and white. Gray clouds hung over the Park as we walked through the gates, threatening to ruin the game. Then the National Anthem was sung beautifully by a young woman, and everyone paused out of respect.

Once the National Anthem ended, I had two goals: find my seat, then find the food. I brought $40 with me because I was not playing around with the food scene. At the top of my food list was a restaurant called Boardwalk Fries. After it seemed like we walked through the entire stadium, we found it! I decided to try the bacon, cheddar and ranch fries. Unfortunately, I had not realized how much cheese sauce they put on the fries until after they finished my order. Despite the excess cheese (in my opinion), it all worked together with the crunchy fries, the crispy bacon, and the creamy ranch dressing.


My father and I also bought gourmet hot dogs from Haute Dogs and Fries. This was the most sophisticated hot dog I had ever eaten in my life. I tried their street dog, which had sauerkraut and mustard. Normally, I only eat sauerkraut on turkey reuben sandwiches, but I thought YOLO. I was quite surprised when I went to pick up the hot dog and found that it was not a regular bun. I believe it was one of the the new split top hot dog buns, and they had slightly grilled it on both sides. This  had a little too much sauerkraut for my preferences, but it was still good.

Overall, I had a great time at the Nats game with my father. Sure, the home team did not win, but it was still a great night of baseball and food. Maybe next time I will get more people to come so we can share the different foods at the Nats Park. Until then, I will be planning my next food adventure.

Have you been to the Nats Park? What has been your favorite foods thus far? Leave a comment below and feel free to share with your friends. As always, thanks for reading.


Britt ♥

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