Travel Update

Hello all! I am very excited to be writing this post about my first international trip. And not only was it my first international trip, it was also my first solo trip! I have a lot to tell you, so I will jump right into this 3 or 4-part series trip post. Without further ado, síganme y descubran mi Barcelona.

If you are not a DCOM aficionado like myself, that was a line from a song in the second Cheetah Girls movie, when they went to Barcelona. Every since I saw that movie in high school, I knew I wanted to go there and explore its culture. Fast forward 9 years, and I found myself eating paella and reveling in the beauty of La Sagrada Familia.

A lot of research and planning went into this trip, as I wanted everything to be perfect (yeah I know, not realistic but still). I was only going to be there for 8 days, so I wanted to pack as much food and culture in there as possible. Although I wanted to enjoy my visit, I had to stay within a budget. The majority of my planning was done with the help of travel blogs, Pinterest, and travel apps. With all of my planning and research, I was able to pay only $1,033.00 for RT airfare and lodging for 8 days. If you want to learn how I achieved this, stay tuned for Part 1 of my Barcelona trip series.

Thanks for reading!


Britt ♥

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